colour matching accuracy

Colour matching accuracy is at the heart of the Challenger® brand. Time and time again, body shops around the world using Challenger® provide quick repairs, offering vehicle owners European quality refinishing and excellent value. To help do this, they use the Colour Catcher spectrophotometer, which does the colour-matching work for them.

This new winner from Axalta features a full and comprehensive database of local car colours. No more guesswork, time-sapping tinting or expensive redo’s.
This is the value brand that is perfectly suited to South Africa.

meet colour catcher

The Colour Catcher is a user-friendly, hand-held device that digitally measures any vehicle’s basecoat or 2K topcoat, quickly and easily. Straightforward to use, the cordless Colour Catcher can be used around the bodyshop to measure the colour of several different repairs before being connected to the supporting software. And there’s no need to take vehicles outside to measure the colours – the Colour Catcher can be used in all lighting conditions. All these benefits add up to a quick colourmatch and aid quick turnarounds for bodyshops.

colour channel online

• Updated every week with the latest colour formulas
• For European, US, South African & Asian car models

colour catcher

• Spectrophotometer digitally measures basecoat or 2K topcoat
• Simple to use and includes supporting software

integrated system

• Challenger® includes Fillers, Primers, Clearcoats, 2K, Basecoat and all Effect Additives to match the widest range of colours
• Unbeatable European quality

Our vision: To offer European quality and colour accuracy to the ‘value brand’ segment.
Challenger products work in pefect harmony to deliver an invisible repair.

Built for performance

At Axalta, we believe that success demands high performance. That’s why we are building a coatings company where performance is the ultimate measure – at every step of the way and for everything we are – our organization, our capabilities and our attitude.
Performance that comes from a singular focus on what matters to customers. Delivering deep coatings expertise with a vision of globally integrated offerings that ensure efficiency, productivity and growth.
Performance that comes from being proud of our heritage, but never standing still. Constantly driving improvement and innovation to advance the coatings industry in every category and for every customer.

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